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Odor and VOC Monitoring

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Odor and VOC Monitoring

APAQ Group offers a full range of our partner, Chromatotec Group’s, analysers using automatic Gas Chromatograph (GC) technology. They can be used for the below applications:

  • Ambient and process VOC’s

  • Odor surveillance monitoring

  • Pure gas testing

  • Natural gas/LPG monitoring

  • Water treatment deodorization process

Depending on the area of application, GC analyzers can be used in combination with different detection methods for industrial VOC monitoring in ppm/% level. As well as for ambient air or cleanroom VOC monitoring, down to ppb and ppt precision.

The solution we provide includes:

  • designing and conceptualizing the most suitable sampling system

  • a multi-stream sampling analysis using multiplexer

  • carrier gas generators

  • internal calibration systems

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