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Odor Monitoring

Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) are systems for determination of the emission rates and concentrations of gas, particulate and other pollutants in the emission sources, typical chimneys of power plants, industrial process plants and waste treatment facilities. Modern CEMS are important tools for real-time monitoring and surveillance on chimneys, to ensure the emissions are strictly controlled in compliance to the permissible emission standards.


APAQ Group partners with some of the most advanced CEMS developers around the world, with experience covering a full range of techniques and pollutant parameters.

Application Areas

  • Combustion Process

  • Power Plants

  • Incineration Plants

  • Refineries/Chemical Industries

  • Process Control

  • Cement Plants

Main Configurations

  • Hot Dry Extraction System

  • Flue Gas Dilution Sampling System

  • In-Stack Monitoring System

  • Multi-Channel (Switching) Sampling System

Parameters of Interest

  • Criteria Gas Pollutants (CO, O3, SO2, NOx)

  • Toxic or Odorous Pollutants (H2S, NH3, HF, HCl ... )

  • Hydrocarbon Compounds (CH4, NMHC, THC)

  • Particulate and Opacity

  • Mercury and Heavy Metals

  • Dioxins and Furans

*The detailed list and description of the related products is coming soon. Please contact us for more information.

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