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The accuracy and precision of an air quality or emission monitoring system can only be optimised with the use of repeatable and traceable calibration equipment. Ecotech provides automatic gas dilution calibrators, calibration gas standards and high performance zero air generators for the calibration of all gas analysers in a monitoring system.


The dilution calibrator enables the mixing of source gas, from calibration gas cylinders, with zero air, from the zero air generator, in order to generate a wide range of calibration gas concentrations. This allows multipoint calibrations to be performed on the various analysers, while minimising the number of calibration gas standards required.



Serinus CAL 1000

The Serinus Cal 1000 performs gas dilution calibrations and is used in conjunction with regulatory traceable gases and a zero air generator. The most cost effective solution, the Serinus Cal 1000 allows the most up-to-date calibrations technology to be available to all.

  • Performs single and multi-point calibrations using the Serinus Calibrator’s precision mass flow controllers, for the utmost confidence in the results.

  • Performs calibration manually through user interface or remotely via RS232, USB networks or digital inputs.

  • Designed and developed with wide-ranging customer input for easy, intuitive, accurate use.


Serinus CAL 2000

With all the features of its Serinus Cal 1000 stablemate, the Serinus Cal 2000 adds features essential for calibration of your NOx and O3 analysis equipment. An internal ozone generator enables regular ozone checks and gas phase titrations (GPT).

  • All the calibration ability and ease of use found in the Serinus Cal 1000.

  • Internal ozone generator produces 3 ppm to 5 ppm of ozone.

  • Ability to premix ozone and source gas before dilution to perform gas phase titrations (GPT).


Serinus CAL 3000

The Serinus Cal 3000 includes all the features from its Serinus Cal 1000 and Serinus Cal 2000 stablemates, adding an ozone photometer for the accurate creation and delivery of ozone concentrations when calibrating ozone analysers. The photometer accurately and continuously measures the ozone concentration to control output of the internal ozone generator, providing an accurate ozone source for routine ozone calibration.

  • New Serinus Cal user interface makes all functions simple and intuitive.

  • In-built photometer and ozone generator for use as a Level 3 ozone transfer standard.

  • Ozone photometer based on the reliable and proven technology used in the Serinus 10 gas analyser.




Ecotech Zero Air Generator 8301 Series

The Ecotech 8301 Series Zero Air Generators have been designed to supply zero air (contaminant free) to a dilution calibration system, such as the Serinus Cal 1000, Serinus Cal 2000, Serinus Cal 3000.The system comprises a compressed air source, permeation dryer and a series of optional scrubbers chosen depending on the application, producing clean, dry dilution quality “zero air.”


  • Model 8301LC is designed for a 19” rackmounted enclosure and provides in excess of 10 slpm of zero air;

  • Model 8301LC-H is a high capacity variant and provides up to 20 slpm;

  • Model 8301P provides in excess of 9 slpm of zero air at a pressure of 200 KPa and is ideal for use with dilution gas calibrators.


Zero air flow: 0-10 l/min (std for 8301LC); 0-20 l/min (std for 8301LC-H); 0-9l/min at 200KPA (std for 8301 P) 

Protection: Pump is thermally protected.

Zero air pressure: 100-200 KPA 200KPA (nominal for portable version)

H2O: Dew-Point -15°C (nominal)*

Power: 220V AC 50Hz (115 VAC 60 Hz optional)

Air scrubbers: Air Clean-Up Canister for removal of: NOx , NO, NO2, O3, SO2, H2S, Less < 0.1PPB

Optional: Air cleanup canister for NH3 or CO2.


Option: Scrubbers

Ecotech HCS1000 Heated CO Scrubber (PN ECO-HCS1000)

The HCS1000 is designed to be used with the 8301LC/8301P Zero Air Generator to remove CO to less than 0.1 ppm and the addition of a Hopcalite® scrubber is required for background use.


Ecotech HTO1000HC Heated Hydrocarbon/CO Scrubber

The HTO1000HC scrubber can be used with Zero Air Generator to remove CH4, CO and light hydrocarbons to less than 20 ppb.


Ecotech External Tank Option (PN E040030)

Designed for use when wanting to provide a constant supply of zero air for use with FID based Hydrocarbon analysers.

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