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27 - 28 MAY 2019
Using US-EPA preferred air quality model: AERMOD
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Suntec Tower 2, Singapore

This intensive 2-day course, from 27 to 28 Maywith practical hands-on exercises, is designed for entry-level engineers, dispersion modelers, and meteorologists or anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of air dispersion modeling principles.

Students will learn how models incorporate the effects of – transport and dispersion, atmospheric turbulence, source characterization, building downwash, and terrain effects – with emphasis on U.S. EPA model – AERMOD and a brief introduction to CALPUFF.

Course topics:

  • Air dispersion modeling objectives

  • The AERMOD modeling system

  • Emission source types and characterization

  • Defining the project domain and receptors

  • Meteorological data preparation (AERMET)

  • Terrain characterization (AERMAP processing)

  • Building downwash (PRIME)

  • Modeling in the urban environment

  • Output processing and 2D/3D visualization

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BREEZE Software
Used by over 4,000 professionals in 90 countries worldwide


AERMOD is the state-of-the-science, steady-state Gaussian air dispersion model that is   
US-EPA approved for most refined modeling scenarios. BREEZE AERMOD is an enhanced version of the US-EPA approved AERMOD and offers the most complete air quality modeling system available in the market today.


*Participants will also be provided with one month license (trial)

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