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Sulfur Compounds

Why Monitor Sulfur Compounds?

Sulfur is the 5th most abundant element on Earth, occurring in its pure form or more commonly in minerals. Apart from SO2 which is a stable gas pollutant, the many reduced sulfur compounds cause Odor, toxic and corrosive concern in the human environment.

Typical sources of odorous sulfur compounds include:

  • petroleum refining,

  • sewer and wastewater treatment,

  • pulp and paper,

  • composting and landfill facilities.



Approximately 60% of the Total Reduced Sulfur (TRS) released comprises of hydrogen sulphide (H2S). Which is the most common poisonous and corrosive gas with its characteristic foul odor of rotten eggs. Mercaptans also known as methanethiol are organo-sulfur compounds, usually with strong and repulsive odor and can be detected by human nose in ppb level. Ethyl-mercaptan is the mandatory odorant in Natural Gas (NG) or Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) to give an easily noticeable odor to prevent threat of fire, explosion or asphyxiation.

ethyl mercaptan.png
TRS MEDOR Analyzer

The TRSMEDOR is an automatic and isothermal gas chromatograph dedicated to sulfur compounds analysis (H2S, mercaptans, and sulfides) in different matrices. Since 1975, Medor line of instruments has been providing accurate and fast response analysis of sulfur compounds. Both in natural gas installations and sulfuric odor in ambient air for Waste Water Plant applications.


With just one instrument – TRSMEDOR it is possible to analyse up to 14 different sulfur compounds. Thanks to Specific Sulfur Detector (SSD) and air or N2 carrier gas, the separation and sensitivity is excellent, down to 1 ppb levels and low odor unit/m3.

Medor Analyzer.png

The instruments are being calibrated with gas of primary standard certified at an accuracy of ±2% and can be operated automatically with internal calibration (airmoCAL). There are no interferences due to the gas chromatography separation and the SSD.




  • Standard TRSMEDOR analyses 7 compounds including: H2S, SO2, MM,
     EM, DMS, DES and DMDS.

  • Option up to 14 sulfurs including: H2S, SO2, MM, EM, DMS, IPM, TBM, NPM,
    MES, 2BM, DES, NBM and DMDS.

  • In compliance with ISO 6326/2 Norm and DIN 51855/7 with no interferences.

  • Approval on Standard Test Method for online measurement of sulfur
    compounds in natural gas and gaseous fuels by gas 
    chromatograph and
    electrochemical detection (ASTM D7493-08 2008).


Having been designed for petrochemical and natural gas industries, Medor
analyser can be fully customized with adaptations to operate in hazardous and
controlled areas with Medor Exp and Medor Exd versions.

Medor Ex.png
ChromaS Analyzer

ChromaS analyser (Model C51022-1ppb) is designed for online monitoring & analysis of sulphur compounds by Gas Chromatograph (GC) using packed column and Flame Photometric Detector (FPD).


ChromaS can monitorH2S, SO2, COS, CS2 and mercaptan compounds down to 1 ppb detection limits; with 2mL loop sampling into a packed column regulated in temperature. Detection is achieved by a sulphur specific photometric double flame detector. The double flame ensures:  

  • no quenching occurs 

  • automatic linearization of compounds 

  • identification of compounds is based on their retention time (elution from the column) 

  • automatic data validation as standard with the internal permeation tube 

chromaS analyzer.jpg
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