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Our communities first: us and the work we do, reflects our belief!


What we do as a company? #APAQimpact

APAQ Group and sustainability, go hand-in-hand. Be it through the projects we do or the way each one of us behaves every single day. We do this because this is who we are and it impacts our society positively whilst also making our customers happy.

We combine our regional expertise and know-how with the most advanced systems and products from around the world. Therefore, ensuring the highest standards for our solutions which focus on:

  • monitoring air quality

  • improving air quality

  • sharing knowledge and awareness regarding the quality of air

  • latest technology and methods to reduce impacts of air pollution

Each one of us is here cause we want to do our part in improving the quality of air. Wanting to help communities is what got the journey of APAQ Group started in the first place!

- Attilio A.Poli, Founder & Managing Director

Current initiatives:

  • Switching off lights during lunch hour


  • Setting our air conditioning to at least 25 degrees Celsius or higher


  • Using our own mugs/containers for takeaways


  • Not using plastic straws

World Environment Day 2018 – APAQ Pledge:​​

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