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WBGT Heat Stress Monitoring System

Heat Stress negatively affects productivity and can lead to accidents, illness and even death. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures provokes fluid loss, muscular cramps, shock or heat stroke; it increases human error, reduces mental and physical activities. Monitoring heat stress in workplaces (thanks to WBGT and PHS indexes), to evaluate operative thermal conditions and define working exposure/rest times, is of primary importance to organize the work. Evaluation of heat stress in workers exposed to hot/dry conditions of industry is imperative for the management of heat stress.

A variety of indices were introduced for the evaluation of heat stress in hot environments. WBGT index (Wet Bulb Globe Temperature) is one of the best known and most widely used. It contains important environmental factors such as dry bulb temperature, wet bulb temperature and globe temperature. In the calculation of this index, factors such as clothing, level of metabolism and acclimatization are used.


​Heat shield is a portable system for real-time WBGT, Operative Temperature, Heat index calculation. It can be held in hand or fixed on a tripod for short- term monitoring campaign. It can be used indoor or outdoor and can be connected to satellites for measurements in different points. Supplied with a software for data downloading, assessment and reporting. Predicted Heat Strain (PHS) index calculation adding TEA software suite.

-  Few minutes for system installation and set-up
- Real-time calculation of the following indexes: WBGT, Operative Temperature, Heat index
- HS Manager program included for data downloading, data assessment and data reporting 
- Predicted Heat Strain (PHS) index calculation with TEA software suite

- Verification probe for assessment of the system calibration

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Heat Shield- Real Time Portable

Heat Sress Monitoring System

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