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  • Smart rain analysis: totals, intensity and running/ current cumulative values

  • Alarms: instant messaging services, FTP and local digital outputs

  • Memory: Large internal memory, plus capacity for external memory

  • Communication: GPRS/3G, Ethernet, WiFi, UHF radio and Satellite communications

  • Display: Backlit display enabling readings from without having to open the device

  • Class-A rain gauge with double rain gauge option for redundancy

  • Inputs for air temperature, RH, water level, lightning, SDI-12 and Modbus-RTU sensors

  • Remote firmware update

  • Open architecture based on built-in Linux PC

Pluvi-One is an integrated system for rain monitoring and early warning information.

Pluvi-One performs two different tasks:

  • gives accurate measurements: of rain, lightning and water levels

  • disseminates early warnings in case of emergencies


This system is designed for measuring in locations that are remote and unattended and to send results accordingly.


Pluvi-ONE is a complete system including a rain gauge, data controller, power system and communication system. Pluvi-ONE has several features which produce the state of the art solution for rain monitoring and early warning applications.



A Rain gauge is a device to measure rainfall amount and intensity (total of rain within one minute).

The device is composed of a rain collector cone and a double-chamber tipping bucket connected to a magnet. The magnet operates one reed switch, which generates impulses that can be counted by external meters.


We offer a wide range of LSI Lastem rain gauges with different features and technical specifications to choose from:

  • Siphon
    Several versions are equipped with a siphon placed on the cone’s nozzle. During heavy rain, it regulates the flow into the bascule permitting all the water to fall inside the tipping bucket. This solution gives its best results where the main need is the measurement of the total amount of rain over long periods and not the intensity of the rain.

  • Class A rain gauges
    A rain gauge can be equipped with an electronic device in order to become a ‘Class A’ classified rain gauge. These will then be in compliance with the UNI11452:2012 standard - the most accurate class for intensity measurementThe device adjusts the rain gauge output according to a dynamic curve, eliminating systematic errors at different intensities and maintaining optimal accuracy over the full range of measurement.

  • Analogue/RS485 outputs
    Rain gauges can be equipped with a built-in electronic device in order to obtain an analogue or digital output. The device implements the specific dynamic curve to adjust the reed switch output, then makes the compensated reading available over standard digital and analogue outputs. 

  • Rain recorder
    Rain gauges can be equipped with an electronic device to store measurements locally on a memory card.


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