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Vigi odor modeling system

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Vigi Odor Modeling System

Vigi odor is a software solution based on the online odor monitoring with vigi e-nose system. It also combines on-site meteorological monitoring system and user preferred air dispersion modeling systems. It is the most advanced information package which helps:



  • users obtain relevant data to better understand their odor issues,

  • to anticipate nuisance before they affect the neighbourhood,

  • to optimize the performance of odor treatment facilities and

  • to achieve/maintain compliance with regulations.

Flexible and upgradable monitoring system

  • TRS Medor with tVoc quantification (chromaPID)

  • Multi stream odor sampling: (2 to 12 streams control by analyzer)

  • Meteorological station: wind direction and speed, temperature,
    relative humidity

Dynamic dispersion plume in the neighborhood/plant vicinity

  • Dynamic 3D mapping of dispersion plumes

  • Calculations of concentrations in the vicinity of the site(s)

  • Automated dispersion data reports

easy track.png

Real-time alerts

  • Configurable alert thresholds per molecule, odor or group of molecules

  • Notification by warning siren, flashing light, sms, email, and so on

Control of air treatment facilities

  • Automatic activation & deactivation based on emissions levels

  • Amount of additives adjusted to the odor concentration


Other Options:

  • Online Registration of Complains

  • Recalculation of odor

  • Concentration at Specific Location & Time

  • Confirmation/adjustment UO by olfactometry on site.

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