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Press release
SINGAPORE: 12 March 2018


The prominent part of Asia Pacific Air Quality Group's new brand identity is the new logo and the decision to be referred by their acronym - APAQ Group.

The logo represents the free-flowing movement of air demonstrating the agile business practices. The colors are from the Air Quality Index and represent their diverse and passionate team. A sharper font in the logo has been chosen to highlight their clear focus and commitment to moving forward in achieving the company's vision. Finally, Air Quality Matters - the new tagline, compliments and re-emphasizes their daily anthem.

'The new logo encapsulates our history whilst paving way to the future that we are moving towards', said Attilio Poli, Managing Director, APAQ Group. 'We have a strong presence in South East Asia and with on-going discussions of further expansion this new brand identity was opportune, he added.

He cites their recent success in completing a project for Taiwan's city Government as another example of APAQ Group's widespread clients in Asia.

The new logo has already been implemented on the company website and social media platforms and will also be used at conferences and gradually on all products and services. APAQ Group sincerely thanks all their clients and partners for their continued patronage. With renewed energy, the team looks forward to 2018 and ahead.

About APAQ Group:
Asia Pacific Air Quality (APAQ) Group is a company founded in Singapore. Together with its representative office in Indonesia - APAQ Group handles clients all over Asia. We offer state of the science solutions integrating internationally certified products from the region and from the US and Europe.
APAQ Group are the first in South East Asia to undertake end-to-end services within Air Quality. Including planning and consultancy, modeling and impact assessment, monitoring systems, and training.
Our 'Air Quality Academy' trains air quality professionals in Singapore and throughout Asia.
A diverse, passionate and highly skilled team is our hallmark. Air Quality Matters and together we can work on improving it.

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