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Multi-spectrum Black Carbon Monitor

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Multi-spectrum Black Carbon Monitor
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  • Air quality surveillance

  • Global warming studies

  • Particulate emissions studies

  • Near-roadside monitoring

  • Visibility studies

  • Source apportionment


The BC 1054 Multi-spectrum Black Carbon Analyzer continuously measures the transmittance of light across filter media onto which particulate matter is accumulating and in real-time calculates the black-carbon ‘BC’ concentrations at 10 different wavelengths ranging from the near-UV to the near-IR. By employing the same widely accepted calibration constants and principles of operation as those used in the Magee Aethalometer, the BC-1054 produces nearly identical results, but at a fraction of the cost.


The BC 1054 employs 10 wavelengths ranging from the near-UV to the near-IR and can be employed in

climatological studies, air quality surveillance, pollution trending, and source apportionment.​

  • Tape-Saving mode for economical collection of data in high BC regions

  • Optional cloud-based modem and data service permits collected data to be uploaded and stored on the Web

  • Data access in near real-time remotely without the need for an external data logger

  • The simple sensor design requires no flow splitting, employs a single mass flow controller and is well matched for use with the filter media

  • Flow checks, audits and trouble-shooting are simple to perform

  • Actual flows are measured

  • Concentrations are calculated under actual flow conditions but may be
     displayed in either actual or standard conditions

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