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Visualise and Forecast Air Quality by BreezoMeter

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The most accurate Air Quality API in the world

BreezoMeter is recognized as the industry standard for real-time, location-based, outdoor air quality data. 

Leveraging our Global Air Quality Index (AQI), we offer the most expansive database with strict QA so that our customers and their customers know what’s in their air.

Air pollution changes quickly throughout the day, and our models, using big data & machine learning techniques, anticipate the modulations and deliver accurate information in real time.

Businesses need location-based, real-time air pollution data

BreezoMeter’s air quality data - easily accessible through API calls - is real-time, location-based, and is already helping companies both big and small make their solutions and products air pollution smart.

Connect your users to real-time air pollution data, where they are, 24/7

Correlating indoor and outdoor air quality

Your indoor health depends on the outdoor air quality.  

Understanding the air quality around home can help you protect your family from a host of pollution-related health risks.

Having accurate, real-time outdoor air quality & pollen data embedded into your home & facilities automation to make the HVAC and air purification systems smarter and more efficient.

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