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X-Log Expert  Data logger

X-Log Expert  Data logger


X-Log represents the flagship of the LSI LASTEM data logger range. It has been developed taking into account the most advanced features required by data acquisition systems in today's environmental applications. X-Log features a built-in web server. This allows configuration, real-time data download and display from any PC or device connected to the internet. X-Log runs on a 32-bit platform and open-source Linux operating system; this technology allows a wide range of extremely advanced features. 



  • Built-in internet stack with web server

  • Setup and data display by any web browser

  • Data-Push to up to three different FTP sites

  • Internal FTP site for easy access to storage data

  • N.8 analogues inputs, N.4 digital inputs

  • Extension modules for additional input

  • N.2 RS232 ports, expandable using USB

  • N. 1 Ethernet 10/100 Mbps port

  • N. 2 USB ports

  • N. 4 analogue outputs 0÷2 Vdc

  • N. 4 open collector outputs

  • SMS messages over n.4 programmable events

  • 32 MB internal memory. Additional external memory up to 8 GB (pen-driver)

  • Data output protocols: FTP, HTTP, Telnet, Serial

  • PC connection via Ethernet LAN, RS-232/RS-485, radio modem, GSM/GPRS/UMTS, satellite modem

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