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Vigi e-nose
Vigi E-Nose System

The vigi e-nose system is an automatic online solution to well identify the origin and quantify the level of odors based on real chemical compound monitoring and their published odor index. Sulfur and mercaptan compounds are analyzed using Medor analyser technique while total VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) can be analyzed with PID (Photo-Ionization Detector).



  • Most sensitive e-nose in the market (as low as 1 ppb for H2S)

  • Unique technology able to monitor total VOCs, odor unit, sulfurs speciation (H2S / Mercaptans: MeSH, EthylSH, Pro- pylSH/ sulfides: DMS/DMDS ) in ppb levels

  • Odor intensity monitoring by default without training based on odor thresholds

  • Odor unit concentration calculation when trained with EN13725 or ASTM 679-E04 using dynamic olfactometry

Compared to a typical e-nose instrument, the key benefit is that it uses a measurement technique specific to gas chromatograph separated chemical compounds. It does not rely on electrochemical cells which run out of electrolyte and require annual replacement.

The equipment are housed in a temperature-controlled cabinet to ensure continued reliable operations. There is also an option of an internal N2 carrier gas generator and no gas cylinder is required for the operation.


To ensure the performance and the representativeness of measurement, the TRS-MEDOR includes, as standard – an automatic calibration with permeation tube using DMS at 25 ppb and clean air generator, to automatically validate the results and this is without any human intervention.

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