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Press release
INDONESIA: 08 July 2020

Upcoming project with PT Toba Pulp Lestari 

APAQ Group is very pleased to announce that we have secured a project with PT Toba Pulp Lestari. As industrial processes monitoring are important, APAQ Group is glad to be able to supply high standards instruments that monitor the emissions and system performance of operation processes. The project with the pulp factory includes the supply of 3 units of Ecotech 30 CO Analyser. Established in 1983, PT Toba Pulp Lestari is a pulp factory and supplier that pledges sustainable development in all operation phases, read more about their efforts here.


Serinus 30 CO Analyser by Ecotech

The Serinus 30 Carbon Monoxide analyser delivers precise and reliable performance at excellent value. It uses proven NDIR gas filter correlation technology to measure CO in ambient air. It is also U.S. EPA certified (RFCA–0509–174). Find out more here.

About APAQ Group:
Asia Pacific Air Quality (APAQ) Group is a company founded in Singapore. Together with its representative office in Indonesia - APAQ Group handles clients all over Asia. We offer state of the science solutions integrating internationally certified products from the region and from the US and Europe.
APAQ Group are the first in South East Asia to undertake end-to-end services within Air Quality. Including planning and consultancy, modeling and impact assessment, monitoring systems, and training.
Our 'Air Quality Academy' trains air quality professionals in Singapore and throughout Asia.
A diverse, passionate and highly skilled team is our hallmark. Air Quality Matters and together we can work on improving it.

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