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R-Log Radio Data logger

R-Log Radio Data logger


R-Log data logger is a line of devices for environmental measurements in indoor and outdoor applications. It gives the utmost flexibility in terms of multiple measurement designs. It can manage a large variety of sensors and, thanks to its radio technology, it's also a multi-position measurement system. These two features make the system extremely flexible in terms of typology, position, and number of managed sensors.



  • For portable use or continuous system

  • Multi-position measuring system using wireless communication from MASTER to SLAVE units

  • N.4 analog inputs, n.1 digital inputs

  • Inputs extension using MASTER/SLAVE units via radio

  • Wireless connection to Radio sensors

  • ZigBee radio 2.4 GHz frequency

  • N.50 channels for acquisition or calculation

  • 2 MB flash data memory

  • Derived quantities calculation

  • Math calculations

  • Sampling rate 1 sec. to 12 hours

  • Elaboration rate 1 sec. to 24 hrs

  • Display and keyboard

  • Outputs actuation over programmable events to activate external devices

  • PC connection via RS232/radio/modem PSTN/GSM/GPRS/Ethernet

  • Compatibility with CommNET, GIDAS and XPanel programs

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