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The Neighborhood Air Monitor from Met One Instruments uses a small laser light-scattering engine to measure realtime particulate matter/haze levels in the air. It then sends the data to a server via the Aeris cellular network, and then automatically displays the readings in real time on an online dashboard. The U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has ordered multiple units, and is considering deploying a large, dense network of low-cost Air Quality Monitors in communities around the United States.

Challenged with keeping the cost low enough for communities and neighborhood groups to afford, the Neighborhood Air Monitor also needed ease of installation and activation to allow for its mass adoption. Finally, in order to make the biggest impact and keep costs low, the Neighborhood Air Monitor needed to get the measured data from the device out to the public quickly and easily. 


  • Very low-cost indicative device compared to regulatory PM monitoring stations

  • Requires no expertise to set-up. Installation takes only a matter of minutes

  • Data pushed to cloud at real-time intervals eliminates the need for data-logging device and manual data retrieval


The high investment costs and operating expertise and expenses limit the number of regulatory air quality monitoring stations operating in our region, which means residents might know the average air quality of the city, but they may not know how badly the factory next to an elementary school is affecting students’ health or whether the busy highway nearby is changing the air residents breathe at home every day.


  • Measurement Principle by Forward Light Scatter Nephelometer

  • Measures PM2.5/PM10/TSP depending on sampling inlet selection

  • Big measurement range of 0 - 100 mg/m3

  • High resolution of 1µg/m3

  • Runs on 12V DC power, can be battery or solar panel operated

  • Integrated Multi-Tech wireless modem

  • Integrated GPS sensor tracking location of deloyment


Neighborhood Monitor is designed with the same laser scattering sensor of E-Sampler, which is an indicative method approved by UK Environment Agency’s Monitoring Certification Scheme. (MCERTS)

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