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Meteo Sensors
Meteo Sensors
MSB – Modbus Sensor Box
STB – Signal Transducer Box

MSB and STB modules are the easiest way to connect environmental sensors to PLC/SCADA systems – such as in Photovoltaic applications. The typical need is usually the ability to interface several types of irradiation sensors, sometimes with its own sensitivity factor, temperatures sensors and anemometers.


MSB module provides flexibility and the advantages of a field-proven communication standard: Modbus RTU®.



  • RS485 digital output (MSB) and 4÷20 mA outputs (STB)

  • Internal Pt100 temperature sensor (to be removed from terminals if an external sensor is to be connected)

  • Input terminal board

  • Statistical values output (min/avg/max, stdev) for each quantity with user-defined time base

  • 9-30 Vdc power supply

  • IP65 protection

  • Port N.1: RS232 port for setup by terminal emulation program
    Port N.2: RS485 with Modbus RTU® protocol and galvanic insulation (MSB only)

  • Alternative protocols on port n. 2: TTY or CISS (LSI LASTEM proprietary) – (MSB only)

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