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Indoor Environment Sensor

The physical environment is made up of many elements connected by a complex relationship. Each occupant receives stimuli from the different environmental components like climate, air chemical quality, light, and noise and reacts defining a higher or lower environment comfort and thus defining his psychophysical status. Understanding Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) helps designers, architects, and industrial hygienists creating more comfortable environments from the point of view of the psychophysical wellbeing of the occupants.

Indoor Environment Sensors are used for the complete evaluation of thermal sensation, light quantity, pollutants in the environments, and ventilation, that are always in the perspective of the occupants and their wellbeing.


  • Evaluation of technical and architectural elements with respect to their capacity of creating optimal environmental quality in a building.

  • Evaluation of air quality with respect to artificial or natural ventilation.

  • Integration of natural and artificial light for optimal illumination.

  • Regulate thermal plants to create optimal thermal comfort with the least expenditure of energy.

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