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General Purpose AWS

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Advanced features

  • Pre-configured systems for quick shipment

  • Fully customizable upon request

  • Low power draw from AC, DC or solar supply

  • WMO and EPA compliant sensors

  • Quick deployment tripod with extendable 10FT mast

  • Quick and easy installation by one person

  • Ethernet, serial RS-232/RS-485/MODBUS and analog 0-1V/0-5V/4-20mA output options

Met One Instruments - General Purpose Weather Station

One of the oldest instrument manufacturer's in the United States - Met One Instruments Inc. is one of the leaders in research, development and manufacturing of meteorological instruments, particulate monitors, data loggers and environmental software.

The General Purpose Weather Station by Met One Instruments is specifically designed for monitoring ambient meteorological conditions. It is available in pre-packaged configurations for fastest delivery and is easily customized with additional sensors and accessories to suit many measurement applications.

The General Purpose Weather Station includes high-quality
meteorological sensors, all the required signal cables and mounting hardware. As well as an expandable tripod and a data acquisition system or signal translator. The system is can be powered by AC or DC power, or an optional solar panel power system.


Technical Specifications

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