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Using an innovative and in-depth 
quality monitoring study

In-depth modeling and monitoring analysis of all
practical scenarios

Well-being of communities ensured with comprehensive monitoring

Data and scientific proof provided to successfully receive the operation and building permit

APAQ's services are simply excellent!

Raj, Project Director

Getting a permit to build at a location near flue gas stacks can be extremely challenging for developers. We conducted an in-depth ambient air quality monitoring study to ascertain if the air quality will be compromised for future tenants and the communities. This was done in close cooperation with the developers as well as the regulators.


Monitoring was conducted at strategic locations, in strict adherence to USEPA guidelines. The data was continuously assessed against the local environmental standard and international standards such as the World Health Organization Air Quality Guidelines (WHO AQGs).


In addition, accurate on-site meteorology was also monitored for detailed data analysis.  Also, wind speed/direction, stability and turbulence mixing conditions of the air were taken into consideration. As this helps to better understand the source attribution in a complex industrial area.


The methodology used in the project will be discussed and presented at Asia’s Leading Air Quality Conference – BAQ 2018.

Joseph Deng Mao
Technical Area Manager, APAQ Group

There is never a one-size-fits-all solution. We know this at APAQ and always tailor the service based on specific concerns. For this project it was that of both the client and the regulators so as to achieve a consensus; while of course the quality of air being the top priority!

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