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Automatic Weather Stations (AWS)

An AWS is an automated version of the traditional weather station and enables measurements from remote areas. This saves both time and effort and reduces cost in the long run. All of these added benefits whilst providing more accurate readings. 

An AWS can also include a data logger and the station can be easily linked to a PC so that all weather data is automatically logged. APAQ Group provides a complete package to meet various unique requirements for weather systems. We distribute and set up Automatic Weather Stations as well as individual meteorological sensors.

Weather systems through their real-time monitoring provide information for weather forecasting. An Automatic Weather Stations (AWS):

  • Runs for weeks and months without need for maintenance whilst continuously recording all details of the weather

  • Complete patterns of wind speed and direction throughout the day can be logged

  • Comprehensive statistics can be automatically calculated and analyzed

  • Detailed weather conditions may be viewed from anywhere 

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