Aurora 1000
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  • Visibility measurements (airports, city pollution, AAQMS)

  • Dust/sand storm monitoring and early detection networks

  • Bushfire pollution monitoring and early detection networks

  • PM2.5 mass measurement correlation studies


Easy to use and maintain, the Aurora 1000 lowers the cost of ownership for aerosol light scattering, visibility and particulate monitoring instrumentation. The Aurora 1000 uses a single wavelength LED for light scattering coefficient and visibility measurements.


Using a single wavelength LED light source, the Aurora 1000 can be equipped with any of the following light sources:

  • 450nm (blue) for fine and ultra-fine particulates

  • 525nm (green) for visibility

  • 635nm (red) for large particulates



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  • Outputs: 25 pin external I/O analog outputs (2 voltage & 2 current); 2 x RS232 serial ports (multi-drop, service)

  • Filtering: Kalman (digital adaptive filter), moving average (30 seconds) or no filter

  • Data averaging: 1 min or 5 min

  • Stored parameters: Date & time, σsp (635, 525 or 450 nm), sample air temperature, enclosure temperature, RH, barometric pressure and instrument status

  • Capacity: Maximum of 61 days of 5 minute averages, or 12 days of 1 minute averaged data