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Press release
SINGAPORE: 26 June 2020

APAQ Group provides air quality monitoring services in Singapore

Air quality monitoring is essential for environmental planning in Singapore, especially in concentrated industrial areas and construction sites where regulatory compliance studies are often required. APAQ Group has been playing an active role in the industry in the provision of air quality monitoring services complying with the highest international standards equipment (i.e. U.S. EPA certification). With several upcoming projects in the western Singapore, we at APAQ Group are elated to provide our expertise and instruments for this purpose.


Ambient Air Quality Monitoring with Integrative System of Airpointer, BAM-1022, E-BAM Plus (Left to Right)

The system that is commonly used in a typical outdoor study is the U.S. EPA approved integrative system based on Airpointer by MLU-recordum together with BAM-1022 and E-BAM+ by Met One Instruments , where the data can conveniently be accessed real-time on a single platform. The system is able to measure the following:

  • SO2

  • NOx

  • CO

  • O3

  • PM2.5 (w/ BAM-1022)

  • PM10 (w/ E-BAM+)

The Airpointer is the only U.S. EPA approved compact station where addition of other devices is also possible. This includes indicative and regulatory PM monitors, meteorological sensors,  gas analyzers/converters, water quality measuring device, interfacing devices and special, raw protocols, system devices. APAQ Group is the exclusive distributor of Airpointer in Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and Myanmar and exclusive distributor of Met One's Instruments in Singapore and Indonesia.

About APAQ Group:
Asia Pacific Air Quality (APAQ) Group is a company founded in Singapore. Together with its representative office in Indonesia - APAQ Group handles clients all over Asia. We offer state of the science solutions integrating internationally certified products from the region and from the US and Europe. 

APAQ Group are the first in South East Asia to undertake end-to-end services within Air Quality. Including planning and consultancy, modeling and impact assessment, monitoring systems, and training.

Our 'Air Quality Academy' trains air quality professionals in Singapore and throughout Asia.

A diverse, passionate and highly skilled team is our hallmark. Air Quality Matters and together we can work on improving it.

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