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The Airpointer®, designed and manufactured by recordum Messtechnik GmbH (Austria), is a compact, modular multi-gas air quality monitoring system.

It is the world’s first ‘out-of-the-box plug and play’ AQ monitoring system implementing US-EPA approved/EU certified reference methods of gas analyzers. Due to its reduced size, floor-space /road space is not required. It is easy to transport and has maintenance costs and carbon footprint reduced up to 90%.


APAQ Group is the exclusive distributor of Airpointer in Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Indonesia.

The Airpointer offers a choice of analysis modules using type-approved reference methods for monitoring airborne pollutants (SO2, NO2/NOX, CO, O3, and PM) classified as relevant by the US-EPA and other responsible organizations all over the world.

There are over 500 Airpointer units currently deployed around the world for a wide range of air quality monitoring applications. A monitoring network made up of 54 Airpointer units specially configured for tropical climates are currently being used by Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA).


It is often necessary to measure briefly at different sites. The compact design of the airpointer makes it the ideal tool for mobile operation. The airpointer ensures flexible air monitoring while using the required reference measurement methods.

The airpointer can be quickly transported by car or trailer to the measurement site where it is needed.



Sensor modules

  • Photo Ionisation Detector (PID) for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

  • Nephelometer for indicative PM monitoring (PM10, PM2.5)

  • Meteorological sensors: wind direction, wind velocity, temperature, air pressure, relative humidity, precipitation, made by various manufacturers

  • Traffic data sensors: traffic count, made by various manufacturers

  • Noise sensors

  • Electrochemical sensors for formaldehyde, ethane, chlorine

  • For industrial applications, environmental hygiene, and Indoor Air Quality Monitoring (IAQM)

  • Sensors for monitoring indoor CO2 (IAQ)

  • Navigation system (GPS) for linking monitoring data with geographical data



  • Well-isolated double aluminum construction

  • Standard monitoring modules on removable drawers

  • Rugged, inconspicuous burglar-proof design


Standard equipment

  • Internal air conditioning and temperature control

  • Maintenance door

  • Cylinder lock (standard)

  • Zero air supply


Operating temperature

  • -20 °C/-4°F to +42 °C/108°F
    (optional heating: down to -40 °C/-40°F)

Additional options

  • Various types of mounting brackets

  • Wireless communication (GPRS, 3G)

  • Sample gas conditioning (high relative humidity, high PM exposure)

  • Integration of external devices and instruments (e.g. 4-20 mA, RS-232, Modbus via IP)

  • Solutions to communicate with external data systems (e.g. TCP-IP, Modbus via IP, RS-232, 4-20 mA)

  • Various base frames and handling devices for on-site operation (roadside, workshop, indoor, pickup truck, trailer)


  • Oil & Gas

  • Power Production

  • Iron & Steel

  • Chemical & Petrochemical

  • Regulatory Assessment

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