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We provide air quality monitoring services throughout Asia using the complete range of air quality equipment. We deploy and operate Air Quality Monitoring System (AQMS) to provide real-time air quality data in individual pollutant concentrations and PSI or AQI. Our data is of the highest reliability and is compliant with the United States and European Union regulations.

Depending on the nature of the project and its purpose, we propose the most
cost-effective solution compliant with the regulatory/approving agencies:

We offer:


  • Handheld instruments

  • Sampling techniques

  • Indicative methods

  • US-EPA approved Continuous Air Quality Monitoring Systems (CAQMS)

APAQ Group services cover the full range of air quality monitoring needs

  • PM2.5, PM10, O3, SO2, NO/NO2/NOX, CO, H2S, CH4, C6H6, VOC etc.

  • Industrial health and safety screening

  • Indoor air quality monitoring

  • Baseline air quality monitoring

  • Fenceline air quality monitoring

  • Monitoring plan design with modeling

  • Hotspots and background sites

  • QA/QC procedures

  • Passive sampling

  • O&M services

  • Meteorological Monitoring

  • Roadside, Construction sites

  • Remote areas monitoring

  • Local community exposure:

    • Residential areas

    • Schools

    • Hospitals

    • Pedestrian areas

  • Air quality data management, analysis, interpretation and dissemination 

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